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My project is on the planet Venus, I chose it because I find it interesting.

My project is on weet-bix,
I chose weet-bix because
it is my favourite cereal.
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  1. weet-bix gives you enery
  2. you can get diffrent tpes of boxes
  3. you can get little and big weet-bixs
My project is on milk tarts, I did it because it comes from Africa.
  1. I did not know it was real
  2. It can only be found in Africa
  3. It has real milk in it
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My project is on falabella ponys.
1. Its the smallest pony in the world
2. Its less then 7 hands high
3. It can gallop faster than a racehorse
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My project is on Christmas.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTwxqy9ndYLULylx8hmzbXX0IuNdonhixsmIeVQ4cuHnP6_ZINb
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT1ByoAXSOBjP3IBuaXVva5nTGYsAfPwpJcDcwatbhWbv7ipJAzFQYou must always send you xmas list before the 15th of Dec.
Glitter Words
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Friday 19 August
Rumpelstiltskin got a prettynecklace from the pretty Queen.

Friday 2nd December

The strong, hard rain buckets onto the ground.
The light misty rain floats in the air.

Cute, brown reindeer waits for christmas eve.
Holly-coloured, heavy sleigh fills up with gifts .
Rosy-red, prickly holly waits to be put on the christmas pudding.
Twinkly, rainbow fairy lights waits to be lit.
Messy bright tinsel sparkles on the christmas tree.
Iced surprising cake sits on the table ready to be eaten.
Super, special mince pies are super cheesy.