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my daddy loves rugby crikit moter cross and nice soft music

i love my daddy lot and lots and lots and lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lexi's homework
lexi's homework

Tuesday 30th August

My Wish for New Zealand
My wish is that flowers would never stop growing because flowers are part of nature and we want nature.

Friday 19 August
Once there was an Intelligent girl who tried to spin straw into gold but couldn't.

Friday 2nd december

type of rain

The strong, heavy rain pours onto the soaking wet grass.
The soft gentle rain gently splatters on the damp grass.

By Lexi

Cute, spotty reindeer helps the other reindeer pull the sleigh.
Hairy chubby Santa helps the elves wrap the presents.
Red sparkling tinsel glitters in the dark.
Icy cold snowflake drifts off with the wind.
Spiky green Christmas tree shines in the dark with its colorful lights.
Tickling fluffy hat Santa puts on for Christmas eve.
Magnificent, ringing bell dings at 12 o’clock.
Amazing loving angel flies around the world singing songs.
Stripy sweet candy cane waits for someone to eat it.