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Monday 5th September

Tomorrow is the music performance it will be fun!

Tuesday 30th August

My Wish for New Zealand

My wishes for New Zealand are that the All Blacks win all their rugby games.That kiwis are protected more. That kiwi fruit are sold everywhere in the world and that ferns are everywhere in the world.

Friday 18th August

Rumpelstiltskin was angry at the Queen because she found out his name. He stamped on the floor and his foot went right through it.

Wednesday 24Th August

Did you know Cinnamon is 7 months old and Benjy is 5 years old?

Monday 3rd October

Scratch scratch!
“Another morning of school!” I thought then I jumped into the shower.
“La la la la!” I sang.

“Oh whats that on my back?” I said to myself, it felt like a bubble.
I asked mum if I could show her it then she started going on about
all the trouble I'm making so I went to dad. Dad showed mum, they said it might be measles or chickenpox. I said to my self “Please be chicken pocks.” So mum looked up images of measles and chickenpox's. Mum said “It looks like chickenpox's”

Thursday 1st December

The heavy terrifying rain smashes everywhere.

The soft gentile rain rolls down the grass.

  1. Cute wooden toy soldier is stairing at you.
  2. Happy chappy santa waves at everyone.
  3. Rosy red sleigh glides across the sky.
  4. Iced white cakes siting on the table.
  5. Smily white snow man is holding a broom.
  6. Tasty stripey candy cane is standing.
  7. Marvelous sparkly Christmas card opens.
  8. Amazing spotted Christmas tree stands quietly.
  9. Shiny icy snow flake floats throw the wind.