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Chismisy, white cake is waiting to be eaten.
Happy,excited children can not wait to open their presents.
Red, busy santa sits in the slay.
Icy, gliding

The cute, spotty reindeer named rudolf leads the slay.

Thursday 1st december

The hard, heavy rain pours on the roof.

The light, quiet rain drips on the home window sill.

Wednesday 7th September

Music Rotation

Yesterday we went to the hall to show our music to our mums.

Tuesday 30th august

My Wish for New Zealand

My wish is to not kill animals with the rubbish.

Friday 26th August


Woof! Pearl is fluffy, white, friendly and 6 months old. She weighs 25kg. She is a playful dog. She likes to eat apples, dog treats and dog food. She has brown eyes.

Friday 19th August

Rumpelstiltskin stamped his foot because he was angry that the Queen had guessed his name.